BBQ Venison Box


Preorder a venison meat box from the Fyne Ales farm - delivery from 21/5/2020.

For the first time, we're excited to offer venison from our herd of red deer, delivered anywhere in the UK! Check out the information and box contents below.

STOCK UPDATE: Thanks for your interest in our venison boxes - we've had an incredible response and all boxes are now sold out. We hope to be able to offer more in the future.

As part of commitment to maintaining and enhancing our unique Glen Fyne ecosystem, our farm's herd of red deer is fed primarily on spent grain - a byproduct of the brewing process - that gives our venison meat a rich flavour and ensures it is lean and low in saturated fat.

Working with local expert Scottish butchers who will ship the box directly to your door from 21/5/2020, we’ve chosen some premium cuts and products for our venison boxes, whether you’re firing up the BBQ or exploring this delicious meat in a as part of a find dining menu you’ve got planned to treat yourself, you'll find our high-end venison incredibly satisfying.

Our BBQ Venison Boxes are a healthy alternative to traditional meats you’d throw on the grill, featuring prime burgers with our signature seasoning, extra-meaty jumbo sausages and diced haunch, great for pairing with your favourite veggies on kebabs.

Contents (approx weight, pack size):

Large BBQ Venison Box

  • 4 x haunch steaks (115g each, 2pks)
  • 4 x prime burgers (170g each, 2pks)
  • 8 x jumbo sausages (4pks)
  • 1 x chunky diced haunch (450g)

Small BBQ Venison Box

  • 8 x prime burgers (170g each, 4pks)
  • 16 x jumbo sausages (4pks)
  • 1 x chunky diced haunch (450g)

All products are vacuum packed to seal in the freshness and delivered by overnight (from 21/05/2020) courier to your door in insulated boxes. And all items are suitable for freezing.

Please note, orders containing meat boxes and beer will be dispatched in two shipments. Beer will dispatch within 48-72 hours of ordering, from the brewery, while venison will ship from 21/05/2020 from our butchery partner.

ALLERGENS: Prime Burgers contain gluten and SO2, Jumbo Sausages contain gluten.

Information & ideas:

Chunky Diced Haunch
We’ve kept our diced haunch nice and chunky to make it perfect for summer kebabs on the BBQ - with the meat being so lean, we recommend a simple marinade using your favourite spices and natural yoghurt to lock in the meaty flavours and keep the chunks nice and tender - but if you’d prefer something a bit more traditional and warming, a long, slow braise in a rich and hearty gravy won’t do you wrong.

Haunch Steaks
Super-healthy and of course full of flavour, haunch steaks can be cooked simply as you would a beef steak, but with significantly less calories! Lightly oil both sides, season and sear well on both sides before finishing at a lower temperature (side of BBQ or oven) to your desired done-ness - we will say we think rare is best, and be sure to rest before serving.

Prime Burgers
Our prime Venison burgers are lightly seasoned with a hint of juniper, offering a delicious, rich flavour with a satisfying meaty bite. Top with a slice of extra-mature cheddar for a beautifully punchy flavour combination. Allergens: Contain gluten and SO2.

Jumbo Sausages
Jumbo venison sausages, made with the house mix of seasoned breadcrumbs, a healthier than traditional pork or beef sausages, but definitely don’t compromise on flavour - throw them on the BBQ, fry them off and pile them on a buttery mash with a rich gravy or dice and throw into a delicious stew. Allergens: Contain gluten.