BBQ Venison Box

Article code XVENS50
Shipping 1/9/21

Venison meat box featuring steaks, burgers, sausages and diced haunch from our farm's spent-grain-fed deer - preorder for delivery by Friday 3 September 2021. Not available for shipping to Northern Ireland.


  • 4 x Haunch Steaks (800g total)
  • Diced Haunch (450g)
  • 8 x Prime Burgers (170g ea) - Contain gluten and SO2.
  • 12 x Prime Sausages (100g ea) - Contain gluten.


Continue up Glen Fyne past the Fyne Ales brewery and you’ll quickly find the significant portion of our farmland, pasture and woodland that has been specially adapted and dedicated to our herd of red deer.

As part of commitment to maintaining and enhancing our rural ecosystem, our herd is fed primarily on spent grain - a byproduct of the brewing process - that gives our venison meat a balanced rich flavour and ensures it is lean and low in saturated fat.

Working with local Argyll butchers, all our venison boxes feature a selection of premium cuts from our farmed red deer, which is naturally more balanced and consistent in flavour and texture than meat from wild animals. Whether you’re looking for something a bit special or want to experiment with new versions of family favourites, our venison boxes give the opportunity to explore this delicious healthy meat at home.

Lean, tender, super-healthy and  full of flavour, haunch steaks are a versatile cut that can be cooked simply as you would a beef steak! On the BBQ or in a pan, simply oil both sides, season and sear well on both sides before finishing at a lower temperature to your desired done-ness - we will say we think rare is best, and be sure to rest before serving. Packed in 2s.

We’ve kept our diced haunch nice and chunky, perfect for summer kebabs on the BBQ or under the grill! Mix up some natural yoghurt with your favourite spice blend (tandoori is great) and a dash of lemon juice, coat and leave for a couple of hours (overnight if possible), skewer and fire straight on the grill for some incredibly tasty kebabs!

Our prime venison burgers are lightly seasoned, offering a delicious, rich flavour with a satisfying meaty bite. Top with a slice of extra-mature cheddar and red onion chutney for a beautifully punchy flavour combination. Allergens: Contain gluten from wheat and SO2. Packed in 2s.

Extra-meaty venison sausages are a healthier option than traditional pork or beef sausages, but definitely don’t compromise on flavour - throw them on the BBQ, fry them off and pile them on a buttery mash with red cabbage and a rich gravy or dice or throw into a delicious stew. Allergens: Contain gluten from wheat. Packed in 4s.


STORAGE: All items are supplied fresh and chilled in tray-and-wrap or vacuum packed. Store below 5°C. All items suitable for freezing; freeze on day of delivery and use within six months.

DELIVERY: Boxes are shipped by overnight courier to your door in insulated boxes with freezer packs. In the event that next-day delivery isn't possible, products will remain fresh for delivery the following day. 

All boxes ship as complete orders - any beer or other items ordered in addition to venison boxes will be shipped together on the selected shipping date. Delivery is not included in displayed price (£5 per venison box/case of beer) - please select standard shipping at checkout; 48-72 hour period does not apply to venison orders which will all be dispatched using an overnight service on the shipping date selected.

DOES NOT SHIP TO NORTHERN IRELAND. Due to courier restrictions on meat products, any orders placed for delivery to Northern Ireland addresses will be cancelled and refunded, apologies.