BUNDLE Mini-Cask, Deluxe Tap & Cool Bag

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OFFER - Jarl Mini-Cask, Deluxe Tap & Cool Bag

It's the ultimate draught beer-at-home bundle with a five litre mini-cask of our flagship session ale, plus cool bag to keep it at the right temperature & deluxe mini-cask tap to guarantee the perfect pour!
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ABV 3.8%
Colour Pale
Hops Citra
Malt Pale, Torrified Wheat
Yeast House
First Brewed 2010

Delivery: £5 per bundle.


Kick start your summer with the ultimate cask-at-home setup, with Jarl mini-cask, Fyne Ales insulated cool bag and a deluxe mini-cask tap.


Packed full of balanced, vibrant grapefruit and delicate lemon flavours with a subtly grassy, refreshing finish.

Jarl is the epitome of a modern classic - an easy-drinking, beautifully balanced session ale bursting with flavour. Fyne Ales was one of the first UK breweries to use Citra hops when we created Jarl in 2010 and our flagship ale has been winning awards and the hearts of drinkers ever since.

This product is in mini-cask format which contains live yeast and should be allow to naturally settle and carbonate before opening. Full instructions on product.


The Fyne Ales mini-cask/mini-keg cool bag features zip top and front flap, and come with handy carrying strap for taking your beer with you. A velcro closure allows access to the air release vent at the top of mini-casks and mini-kegs without opening the bag, keeping the temperature consistently cool for up to eight hours.

For mini-cask use to avoid excess sediment, we recommend allowing the beer to settle for 24 hours in the fridge or at cellar temperature (according to your preference) before carefully transferring to the cool bag and transporting to drinking destination.

Compatible with all mini-casks and mini-kegs (including other breweries') and the Deluxe Mini-Cask & Mini-Keg Tap.  Made in China.


Using 16g CO₂ cartridges to push food-grade neutral gas into the mini-cask or mini-keg via the top vent, the Deluxe Tap keeps beer inside opened mini-casks and kegs fresh for over two weeks by creating top-pressure with CO₂ rather than oxygen, while also allowing you to use the regulator to adjust the amount of pressure in the vessel and get the perfect pint every time.

Instructions & FAQ - please read before purchase:

Deluxe Mini-Cask / Mini-Keg Tap - Instructions & FAQ


  • Non-threaded design.
  • High pressure: 16g of liquid food-grade Carbon Dioxide (CO₂) per cartridge.
  • Only approved for use with Mini-Cask / Mini-Keg Tap. Follow all instructions.
  • DO NOT PUNCTURE - breaching cartridges outside of Mini-Cask / Mini-Keg Tap risks freezing gas burns. Seek medical advice immediately if puncture occurs.
  • Only remove from Mini-Cask / Mini-Keg Tap when fully depleted.
  • Only dispose of when empty. Non refillable. Recyclable steel.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Storage and operating temperature: 3°C - 50°C (max). Storage or use outwith these temperatures risks explosion.
  • Not suitable for air transport.

Produced in Germany by Fass-Frisch GmbH.

As this is a reduced-price special offer bundle, discount codes cannot be used against this item.