Article code DE 330
Italian Grape Ale
w/ Canediguerra

Brewed in collaboration with Canediguerra, Devine is the UK's first authentic Italian grape ale - a continental style that fuses the worlds of wine and beer for a uniquely refreshing experience.
ABV 7.4%
Colour Yellow
Hops Challenger, Nelson Sauvin
Malt Pale
Yeast House
First Brewed 2017
Formats Keg, Bottle (330ml)

Powerful apricot and peach aromas lead into a full-bodied bouquet of sweet flavours including ripe white grapes, giving way to a light floral and honey finish.

We’ve never shied away from a challenge at Fyne Ales, so when our friends from Italian brewery Canediguerra suggested collaborating to make the UK’s first first authentic Italian Grape Ale, we couldn’t refuse. A Nelson Sauvin and Challenger-hopped base beer was blended with a significant quantity of moscato grape must during primary fermentation to create a heavenly hybrid of two worlds. Dangerously drinkable.