Everyone Loves Mosaic (2020)

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Single-Hop Session Pale - Mini-Cask Only
Mini-casks back in stock 02/04/2020.

Superbly soft and sessionable pale ale with bold stone fruit flavours.
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ABV 3.8%
Colour Pale
Hops Mosaic
Malt Pale, Wheat
Yeast House
First Brewed 2018
Formats Mini-Cask Only

Mini-Cask Special - April 2020

Bold stone fruit and tropical fruit punch their way through a light and easy-going malt base. It's really good.

Originally brewed (twice) in 2018, Everyone Love Mosaic quickly earned and retained the title of most popular beer in the Everyone Loves series, because it's ace. It's back for 2020, and we'll be filling as many mini-casks as we can to get it out to you so we can enjoy this revival in our own homes.

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