Fossick - SOLD OUT

Article code OB FO 375
Dark Sour with Cherries
Spring 2019 Collection
ABV 7.6%
Colour Black
Yeast House saccharomyces, mixed culture
First Brewed 2017
Formats Bottle (375ml)

Spring 2019 Collection

Rich chocolate malt notes, with a touch of burnt caramel and leathery funk, underpinning smooth oak flavours and a splash of tart cherry juiciness to lift the finish.

Fossick is Origins Brewing's first dark sour, beginning life as a rich, traditional Scottish-style dark ale, primary fermented with our house Saccharomyces ale yeast, before being racked into oak barrels with a brett-forward mixed culture and whole sour cherries where it refermented and rested for sixteen months before bottling.