Fyne Lager

DRAUGHT ONLY - Modern Scottish Lager

Good people deserve good lager, which is why we created Fyne Lager - a hybrid of old world lager and modern hop-forward beers, delivering satisfying crisp refreshment with delicate fruity hop flavours.
ABV 4.7%
Colour Golden
Hops Pacific Gem, Rakau, Motueka
Malt Pale, Torrified Wheat
Yeast German Lager
First Brewed 2017
Formats Keg

It's all about balance, delivering crisp, clean earthy notes of a classic lager with a layer of fruity new-world hop flavours on top before a finish with refreshing, subtle bitterness.

In summer 2017, we attempted something audacious - the bring the worlds of lager and modern pales ales together to create a satisfying, easy-drinking pint for lazy afternoons in sunny beer gardens, Friday nights in the local or pretty much anywhere else, really.

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