Article code OB GA 375
Wild Ale w/ Foraged Raspberries & Brambles
ABV 6.3%
Colour Red
Hops Aged Hops
Malt Pale, Wheat
Yeast Mixed Culture, Spontaneous
First Brewed Released 2022
Formats 375ml Bottle, Keg

Delivery: £5 for up to 12 x 375ml bottles.

Sharp, sour wild raspberry flavours layered with stone fruit notes gives way to blackberry minerality and a dry, delicate finish.

Gather is a collaboration between Origins Brewing and our friends from Inver, an incredible restaurant on the shores of Loch Fyne, combining spontaneously fermented vintages with a barrel-aged mixed culture ale, finished on wild raspberries and blackberries foraged from the hills around Loch Fyne. 

The history between Origins Brewing and Inver stretches back to 2015, in the run up to our first ever spontaneous brew when proprietors Pam Brunton and Rob Latimer joined us in the glen to brainstorm ideas for a collaboration between their restaurant and our brewery and, inspired by their time in Belgium, asked if we'd consider attempting an Argyll lambic-style brew. 

While it would take over three years for our spontaneous aspirations to come to fruition, we worked with the Inver team to create Goodnight, Summer, one of the very first Origins Brewing beers released when the project launched in 2017 - a lightly soured wheat beer with camomile and wild gooseberries.

In 2021, we came together again to create a new brew - a delicate blended wild ale that would be finished on hand-picked fruits from the shores of the loch that our brewery and their restaurant celebrate.

Suitable for vegans.