Hop Smuggler

Article code HS MINI
West Coast Pale Ale with Little Thistle Brewing Co - Draught Only

Sumptuous west coast pale brewed with our pals from Minnesota showcasing Strata hops.

Cask Special - Autumn 2019

Super-dank and piney, Strata gives hop smuggler a moreish character with an interplay of citrus and tropical notes.

When our friends from Brewers Select suggested we should hook up with Minnesota's Little Thistle Brewing Co during their visit to Scotland in August 2019, we knew a collaboration would be a lot of fun. With their team originally hailing from Aberdeen, we wanted to celebrate their visit to the West Coast by brewing a sessionable wee West Coast style pale ale using some Strata hops, one of their favourites, which have given Hop Smuggler a uniquely dank and juicy character.