Jonny's Export Amber - Draught Only

Amplified version of Highlander, brewed with Lacons Brewery in memory of Fyne Ales founder Jonny Delap (1941-2009).
ABV 6%
Colour Dark Amber
Hops Challenger, Celeia, Mt Hood
Malt Pale, Wheat, Crystal, Oats
Yeast House
First Brewed 2019
Formats Cask Only

Cask special - Summer 2019

A smooth and rounded body full of soft caramel malts precedes a warming finish with a gentle hint of sweet orange.

Brewed with former Fyne Ales Head Brewer, Wil Wood, to mark ten years since the death of Fyne Ales founder Jonny Delap, JSD is an amplified version of Jonny's favourite beer. To read more about Jonny's fascinating life, visit the Fyne Ales blog (please do, it's a good read).