Perfect Silence

Article code PS 330
Big Red IPA

After Ragnarök comes Perfect Silence as the cosmos resets. This beer celebrates the calm after the end of days with perfectly balanced hop & malt flavours.
ABV 6.9%
Colour Red
Hops Citra, Summit, Nelson, Calypso, Liberty, Belma, Mosaic
Malt Redex, Pale, Wheat
Yeast House
First Brewed 2018
Formats Keg, Cask, Bottle (330ml)

Deep citrus and full-bodied malt flavours with an unctuous, satisfying finish.

Taking inspiration from our Ragnarok IPA, Perfect Silence is an autumnal spin on the style, with a vivid red colour that contains robust malt flavours underpinning heaps of juicy, fruity hops. We've always had a soft spot for red IPAs, and this is probably our best yet!

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