Red Flag

Collaboration Red IPA

Brewed with our friends from Runaway Brewery in Manchester as part of COLLABAGEDDON 2021, Red Flag is a modern red IPA with a West-Coast influence.
ABV 6%
Colour Really Red
Hops Centennial, Strata, Cascade, Mosaic
Malt Pale, Wheat, Oats, Chit, RedX, Cara Pils, Melanoidin
Yeast House
First Brewed Collabageddon 2021
Formats Keg only

DRAUGHT ONLY - Keep an eye out for our collaboration Red IPA on the bar at your local pub or bar - give us a shout and let us know if you want to see it on near you!

An ode to some of our favourite American red-hued classics, Red Flag features a complex grist of malts, giving a robust foundation for a plethora of West Coast flavours - lightly floral notes into citrus zest and a smooth dank finish with mellow resinous pine - with just a little Mosaic fruitiness for tropical levity.

When we got together with Manchester's Runaway Brewery to plan our beer for Collabageddon 2021, we discovered a shared love of well-made, easy-drinking classic styles leading to us landing on a West Coast IPA with classic West Coast flavours! Carrying a huge depth of flavour with a caramel sweetness punctured with zesty citrus and resinous pine and a balanced bitter finish.