Remote Parts

Article code RP 330
West Coast IPA
w/ Cigar City Brewing

Brewed with Florida’s Cigar City Brewing, Remote Parts is a classic West Coast IPA brewed with a beta-glucosidase enzyme to enhance juicy citrus flavours.
ABV 7%
Colour Golden
Hops Magnum, Ernest, Keyworths Early, Olicana, Centennial, Simcoe, Citra
Malt Pale, Munich, Crystal, Oats
Yeast House
First Brewed 2018
Formats Keg, Bottle (330ml)

Resinous, piney hop and citrus zest flavours with a crisp, bitter finish.

In Summer 2018, we were delighted to host Cigar City Brewing's beer genius, Wayne, for a double-collab brew day which saw us running between our original and new breweries to create two new beers - one for drinking fresh, and another we've tucked away for a little while.

Remote Parts is the drink-fresh part of the collab - a classic west coast IPA with a twist, using a special enzyme to bring punchy, fresh flavours from whole cone hops. While it carries the classic west coast vibes and bitter finish, its citrussy top notes make it easy going and delightfully refreshing.