Running In Circles

Article code RC 440CN
Hazy Pale Ale w/ Track Brewing
ABV 4.5%
Colour Hazy golden
Hops Citra, Mosaic, Cascade, Centennial, Chinook
Malt Pale, Oats
Yeast House
First Brewed 2021
Formats Keg, Can (440ml)

Standard Delivery: £5 for up to 18 cans.

Ultra-smooth 4.5% pale ale with rounded tropical and soft citrus notes and a long, lightly sweet finish.

First brewed in early 2021 as a Mini-Cask Club special, Running In Circles has returned, and this time in cans. Back during the days of the Covid-19 pandemic, we teamed up with Manchester's Track Brewing for a long-distance collaboration on a couple of cask specials, one at each brewery, and our brew - Running In Circles - turned out to be one of our favourite ever hazy pale ale recipes.

Fast forward 18 months and we're finally putting this Citra, Mosaic, Cascade, Centennial and Chinook wonder in cans so all it's super-soft juicy fruitiness can be enjoyed conveniently and cold direct from the fridge - it's probably the easiest-drinking beer we've ever brewed...

Allergens: contains gluten from barley, oats. VEGAN FRIENDLY.