Sanguine - SOLD OUT

Article code OB SA 375
Scottish Blackcurrant Sour
Spring 2019 Collection - Cellar Aged
ABV 5.8%
Colour Dark pink
Malt Scottish raw wheat, pale
Yeast House saccharomyces, mixed culture
First Brewed 2018
Formats Keg, Bottle (375ml)

Spring 2019 Collection

2019 Tasting Note: Tart and acidic berry notes deliver instant flavour impact, mellowing into rounded, juicy fruit notes and a lingering finishes that demands revisiting.

2020 Tasting Note: Massive Ribena aromas, bright citrus and berry flavours that fade quickly into sherberty sourness before a deep finish with lingering red wine tannins.

Sanguine began its journey as a Scottish-wheat ale, fermented like the other Spring 2019 Collection beers using our house saccharomyces ale yeast, before becoming something altogether more complex with the impact of refermentation, fruit and time.

Post primary fermentation, the beer was racked into third-fill red wine barrels containing a mixed culture and then loaded with whole Scottish blackcurrants - the fruit yielding its beautifully sweet juices for the culture to feast on over four months to produce a beer that's bold and offers a punchy sour bite, but layered with delicate layers of complex, subtle, funky flavour notes.