Succession - SOLD OUT

Article code OB SU 375
Single-barrel farmhouse ale with meadowsweet.
Spring 2018 Collection - Cellar Aged
ABV 6.6%
Colour Hazy pale
Malt Wheat, Pale
Yeast Mixed Culture
First Brewed 2017
Formats 375ml Bottle Only

Summer 2018 Collection

2018 Tasting Note: A deceptively pale colour hides complex aromas of milky almonds and earthy funk. The taste is initially floral, before meandering through subtle notes of soft-fleshed and orchard fruits with a background of oak and Bretty undertones. The finish is dry and slightly phenolic.

2020 Tasting Note: Don't be dissuaded by an almost-medicinal nose - the flavour is gentle stonefruit and a nutty creaminess before a flash of cut-grass and a finish with a gentle citrus sherbert character.

Succession is a single-barrel mixed fermentation saison fermented with our house culture and over seven kilograms of foraged meadowsweet. Meadowsweet, originally used as an adjunct in mead-making, was used by the Celts for brewing over 3,000 years - predating the use of hops as way of flavouring and preserving ales. It is alleged to have medicinal and spiritual properties, as well as a unique flavour profile that when combined with a simple wort base and fermented in American oak with our Brett-forward house culture for ten months has created a beautiful, complex beer.