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Milk Stout

Rich, silky and warming stout with a creamy-sweet finish.
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ABV 4.5%
Colour Black
Hops Bullion, Challenger
Malt Pale, Cara, Malted Oats, Carafa Special, Chocolate
Yeast Housee
First Brewed 2020
Formats Cask, Mini-Cask


Deep and complex dark malt flavours lead into a finish with a rich roasted character and a hint of creamy sweetness.

We love a milk stout - full-bodied, silky and satisfying - so it's a wonder we haven't brewed one in so long! Watchman is a new recipe that drinks like a baby Mills & Hills at first sip - dark and a little sinister, but instead of leading into dried red fruit, Watchman pulls out soft and sweet creamy notes before a roasty finish.

Please note this product is available in mini-cask format, which unlikely a mini-keg product contains live yeast and should be allow to naturally settle and carbonate before opening. Full instructions on product.