Article code OB WH 375
BA Farmhouse Ale w/ Gorse Flowers
ABV 6.2%
Colour Straw
Hops Aged Hops
Malt Pale, Raw Wheat, Carapils
Yeast Kveik, Lactobacillus
First Brewed 2020
Formats 375ml Bottle Only

Delivery: £5 for up to 12 x 375ml bottles.

Subtle coconut and almond aromas mingle with soft vanilla from both oak and gorse flavours. Botanical, fruity flavours wash into gentle gose-like salinity and sourness.

Whinstone is a small-batch farmhouse ale, primary fermented in oak with a Norwegian kveik yeast strain, before refermentation with lactobacillus and foraged gorse from the Glen Fyne hillside.

Brewed with pale malt and a high proportion of Scottish raw wheat in 2018, Whinstone's base beer was fermented in clean American oak with a Norwegian farmhouse yeast strain known for giving highly fruity esters, before secondary fermentation with lactobacillus to give a sour edge. The beer was finished with a tea made from gorse flowers foraged from the hills of Glen Fyne and bottled using a champagne yeast.

Gorse is a hardy, thorny plant, the most common species of which is native to Scotland and blooms each spring with bright yellow flowers, lighting up the hillside of Glen Fyne along its many watercourses with a golden glow. While there is little record of the flowers having any significant medicinal qualities, their unique floral coconut and almond flavour mean they have been used extensively in wines, teas and as a flavouring in desserts. Here in Whinstone, the gorse flowers have added a unique character to the beer that is soft and moreish.