Expedition - SOLD OUT

Article code OB EX 375
Hybrid Sour India Pale Ale
Spring 2018 Collection - Cellar Aged

Blurring the lines between old world and new world IPAs, Expedition is at the same time a tribute to the origins of the style and an exploration of where it is today.
ABV 5.6%
Colour Pale
Hops Citra, Amarillo
Yeast House Saccharomyces
First Brewed 2017
Formats Keg, Bottle (375ml)

Spring 2018 Collection

2018 Tasting Note: Cedar notes on the nose lead into soft fruit flavours layered on top of resinous oak with a hint of woody vanilla. In the finish, a splash of bright, citrus acidity leaves the pallette clean and refreshed.

2020 Tasting Note: Incredible. Lightly acetic top notes on the aroma mostly high a deep woodniess like damp tree bark. There's a delightful complexity to the sourness - orchard fruits, aging citrus and a finish with mellow oak tannins like full-bodied white wine. 

Expedition is a fusion of old and new world IPAs, taking cues from the origins of the style over two hundred years ago when the beer would be packaged in wooden casks to be sent to India, developing new flavours during the voyage. In late 2016, a portion of Citra and Amarillo IPA brewed with our hill-sourced water was reserved into steam-cleaned Amarone wine barrels, where it would remain 12 months, maturing and becoming infused with the character of the American oak. The citrus character of the hops diminished during the year in barrels, but soft, stone-fruit notes were enhanced with hints of woody vanilla also present in the aged beer. Before packaging in late 2017, the beer was blended with a kettle-soured wheat beer to balance the flavours by reinvigorating some of the citrus notes and give a clean, lactic finish.