Habitual - SOLD OUT

Article code OB HA 375
Mixed Ferm Belgian Tripel w/ Apricots
Spring 2018 Collection - Cellar Aged

A classic Belgian tripel enhanced by eight months in French oak and refermentation with apricots and Brettanomyces to enhance complex, fruit flavours.
ABV 7.1%
Colour Dusky orange
Malt Pale, Crystal, Amber
Yeast Belle Saison, Brettanomyces
First Brewed 2017
Formats Keg, Bottle (375ml)

Spring 2018 Collection

2018 Tasting Note: Punchy stone-fruit notes up front with sweet wine and honey following behind. A wash of lingering oak leads into a dry finish with a hint of Brett and a splash of lactic sourness.

2020 Tasting Note: Spritzy honeyed malt flavours fades instantly into deep funky Brett before a super-short, super-dry finish with long oak notes.

Habitual began life a strong Belgian-style tripel, brewed using pale, crystal and amber malts and French saison yeast, a portion of which was reserved into French red wine barrels for eleven months. During that time, the base beer's sweet, dessert wine character greatly enhanced, due to the influence of the wood and oxidation - it emerged intensely rich and indulgent with the caramel malt backbone still present under the deep, fruity, vinous notes. To lift the beer's flavour profile, it was blended with a small portion of kettle-soured wheat beer and transferred into a secondary vessel loaded with apricots where it was aged before bottling in early 2018.