Mini-Cask / Mini-Keg Cool Bag

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Insulated cool bag

Keep your beer cool wherever you are with a Fyne Ales mini-cask and mini-keg cool bag! Suitable for all mini-cask and mini-kegs. Bag only, not supplied with beer. 
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Delivery: £3 per bag (Royal Mail) or two for £5 (DHL/APC).

The Fyne Ales insulated mini-cask and mini-keg cool bag is the perfect companion to your draught-beer-at-home experience, allowing you to take five litres of any beer anywhere you want while keeping it at perfect drinking temperature.

Featuring zip top and front flap, the cool bags come with handy carrying strap for taking your beer with you. A velcro closure allows access to the air release vent at the top of mini-casks and mini-kegs without opening the bag, keeping the temperature consistently cool for up to eight hours.

For mini-cask use to avoid excess sediment, we recommend allowing the beer to settle for 24 hours in the fridge or at cellar temperature (according to your preference) before carefully transferring to the cool bag and transporting to drinking destination.

Compatible with all mini-casks and mini-kegs (including other breweries') and the Deluxe Mini-Cask & Mini-Keg Tap (Coming soon). Bag only, not supplied with beer.  Made in China.