Mion Blue - SOLD OUT

Article code OB MB 375
Barrel-Fermented sour ale with blueberries
Spring 2018 Collection - Cellar Aged

A ‘petit’ or simple mixed fermentation sour ale for which kettle-soured wort was transferred into a single French-oak barrel containing a mixed culture and blueberries.

Spring 2018 Collection

2018 tasting note: Balanced mix of minerality and juicy fruitiness from the blueberries, some acidity from the original kettle-souring and a subtle funkiness all the way through.

2020 tasting note: Light, sharp acidity, with gentle fruit minerality at the top and a short, dry and refreshing finish.

Mion Blue is our interpretation of a ‘petit’ sour - Mion being the Gaelic word for ‘tiny’. It was a fairly simple, kettle-soured wheat beer wort that we transferred into a single French oak barrel which had previously housed another beer with mixed culture, we knew there were lots of funky bugs in there, so we just needed to give them something to chew on.

We topped the barrel up with whole blueberries and left it to ferment and mature for nine months.