Article code RA CNCS2440
Citra IPA

It's the end of the world all over again - Ragnarök is upon us once more, in the form of a massively fruity IPA celebrating American Citra hops!
ABV 6.5%
Colour Dark Gold
Hops Citra, Mosaic, Mandarina Bavaria, Strata
Malt Pale, Oats, Chit, Cara Oat Malt Crushed, Torrified Wheat
Yeast New England
First Brewed 2015
Formats 440ml Can

Standard Delivery: £5 for up to 18 cans.

Ripe mango and juicy sweet celementine flavours with a long, smooth and satisfying finish.

First brewed in 2015 as an imperial version of our flagship Jarl, Ragnarök has returned once again. Representative of the end of cycle of the life in Norse mythology, Ragnarök has returned several times since its introduction, bringing with is massive hop flavours and this new version is no different.

Accompanied by a touch of Mosaic and Belma hops, Citra is the star once again offering soft, sweet citrus flavours. Join us to celebrate the end of everything once again, with a can of our finest Ragnarök!

Contains allergens: gluten from barley, wheat, oats.