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Sublime is proof that good things get better with age - a full-bodied matured stout with unashamedly bold flavours.
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ABV 6.8%
Colour Very dark ruby
Hops Cascade, Mount Hood, Centennial
Malt Pale, Dark Crystal, Oat Malt, Roast Barley, Chocolate , Amber Sugar Crystals, Wheat
Yeast House
First Brewed 2010
Formats Cask, Bottle (750ml)

DELIVERY: Six bottles or any two mini-casks delivered for £5.

Aromas of dark, roasted malt and subtle liquorice lead into indulgent rounded flavours with a touch of red fruit before a long, lightly bitter finish.

A brewers' favourite, our year-round stout is matured for a minimum of four weeks for a full body and smooth finish. Winning countless awards over the years, this truly is a sublime stout.

This product is available in mini-cask format, which unlike a mini-keg product contains live yeast and should be allow to naturally settle and carbonate before opening. Full instructions on product.

Contains gluten from barley.