The Merchant

Article code TM CS750
Rooibos-Infused Old Ale
Farmhouse Project

Mature and robust, The Merchant recalls simpler times and simpler beers with this satisfying stock ale infused with reviving rooibos tea.
ABV 5%
Colour Reddish brown
Hops Challenger, Pioneer, Ceilia
Malt Pale, Torrified Wheat, Special B, Rye, Barley, Carahells, Chocolate
Yeast House
First Brewed 2016
Formats Bottle (750ml)

Elegant, matured malt flavours of rich caramel and toffee are lifted by nutty, dry notes from the revitalising tea.

Produced as part of the Farmhouse Project of small-batch, limited edition brews, The Merchant is an old ale matured for eight months before bottling. With special artwork by Edinburgh's GJ Dunbar, The Merchant pairs beautifully with autumnal foods and continues to age well.

*Please note - bottles are dated 31/07/2018, however it is completely safe to drink and still highly enjoyable*

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