Article code OB VI CS375
Mixed fermentation farmhouse ale with blackberries.

Radius 2019.
ABV 9.1%
Colour Hazy pink
Malt Barley, Wheat
Yeast Mixed Culture
First Brewed 2019
Formats 375ml Bottle, Keg

Vinous aromas hide a complex flavour profile which offers tart, lightly-salted brambles up front and a long lingering finish with rounded notes of smooth oak.

Created for Harbour Brewing's Radius 2019 project, Vigesimal began life as an imperial golden sour ale which was refermented with a mixed culture, aged for 12 months and finished with hand-picked blackberries from the Glen Fyne.

With the brief that Radius project beers should showcase ingredients from a 20-mile area around the brewery Vigesimal - whose name refers to a number system based on the number 20 - saw our team spending every spare moment in the blustery early-Autumn Glen collecting as many ripe brambles as we could. The aged base beer, brewed with Scottish malt and wheat, showed plenty of promise, but adding the foraged fruit heightened the complexity and made the effort worthwhile.